5. Medium size island stand – ConnectTECH

This 6x6m island stand was designed to share the space between co-exhibitors. The main element is branded 3m tower with overhead canopy. The space will fit eight counter units that can be assigned to different exhibitors.

6. Large island stand – Dublin area

With the area of 26x13m this stand definitely has got it all. The stand is divided into numbered seating zone with dedicated spaces for all the guests and seminar area with overhead canopy. Stand of this size brings many branding … Read More

17. Large stand with back wall – Roche

This design focuses on clean, hygenic style with plenty of seating and recessed alcove which houses a comfy couch. Greeting counter is equipped with a coffee maker. Frame edges are finished in corporate blue to add contrast.

43. Large island stand – G4S

An island stand designed to accommodate lots of guests with plenty of soft furnishings. Casual style is accentuated by coffee bar at the centre and potted plants. Hanging oval features add to the “curved” design of the stand.

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